CFL SCUBA REPAIR has a long standing reputation for quality repairs performed by trained and certified technicians and excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on offering fast and dependable service.



*viper and newer

  • There is an age limit on the equipment we can service, primarily due to parts availability. If you believe your equipment was manufactured before

  • We offer Complete Cylinder Services including Visual Inspections, Hydrostatic Requalification, and "Visual Plus" eddy current inspections.

  • DOT. Hydrosatic cylinder retest facility. I062

CFL SCUBA REPAIR provides both warranty and non-warranty service on all scuba gear.

Annual service of your life support equipment ensures it will last a life time.

CFL’s service technicians have years of experience servicing Life Support equipment.

The staff at CFL SCUBA REPAIR are also trained and certified for Cylinder Visual Inspections, Eddy Current Testing, Oxygen cleaning & servicing, Nitrox & Helium gas blending, and Hydrostatic Testing.

Equipment in for service will receive the following:

·All equipment is pre-tested before servicing.

·All equipment is completely disassembly.

·All equipment is serviced with Original Manufacturer parts.

·All equipment is reassembled and torqued to manufacturer specifications.

·All equipment is internally and externally inspected for wear and damage.

·All equipment is cleaned and made as like new as possible.

·All equipment is setup and adjusted to manufacturer specifications.

·All regulator stages are retested and final adjustments made.

·All regulators are run through a full series of tests and documented.

·All equipment is wet and leak tested.

·All warranty paperwork submitted if under current warranty.